Metadata for the 2007-04-17 version of the term dwcgeospatial:FootprintWKT
Term Name: dwcgeospatial:FootprintWKT
Label: Footprint WKT
Term version IRI:
Version of:
Issued: 2007-04-17
Definition: A Well-Known Text (WKT; see representation of the the shape (footprint, geometry) that defines the location of the occurrence. The same place may have both a point-radius representation (see DecimalLatitude) and a footprint representation, and they may differ from each other for the same occurrence. Example: the one-degree bounding box with opposite corners at (longitude=10, latitude=20) and (longitude=11, latitude=21) would be expressed in well-known text as POLYGON ((10 20, 11 20, 11 21, 10 21, 10 20))
Type: Property
Status: deprecated
Is replaced by:

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