Metadata for the 2007-04-17 version of the term dwcore:ScientificName
Term Name: dwcore:ScientificName
Label: Scientific Name
Term version IRI:
Version of:
Issued: 2007-04-17
Definition: The full name of the lowest level taxon to which the organism has been identified in the most recent accepted determination, specified as precisely as possible, including name-author, year or authorship, sensu or sec. (according to or following) author, and indication of uncertainty. Conceptually equivalent to a full taxonomic identification as given by the identifier (verbatim). Does not include the identifier name or date of identification. Examples: "Coleoptera" (an Order), "Vespertilionidae" (a Family), "Manis" (a Genus), "Ctenomys sociabilis" (Genus + SpecificEpithet), "Ambystoma tigrinum diaboli" (Genus + SpecificEpithet + SubspecificEpithet), "Quercus agrifolia var. oxyadenia (Torr.) J.T. Howell" (Genus + SpecificEpithet + InfraspecificRank + InfraspecificEpithet + AuthorYearOfScientificName).
Type: Property
Status: deprecated
Is replaced by:

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