Metadata for the 2007-04-17 version of the term dwcore:BasisOfRecord
Term Name: dwcore:BasisOfRecord
Label: Basis of Record
Term version IRI:
Version of:
Issued: 2007-04-17
Definition: A descriptive term indicating whether the record represents an object or observation. Examples: PreservedSpecimen- A physical object representing one or more organisms, part of organism, or artifact of an organism. synonyms: voucher, collection, lot. FossilSpecimen- A physical object representing one or more fossil organisms, part of fossil organism, or artifact of a fossil organism. LivingSpecimen- An organism removed from its natural occurrence and now living in captivity or cultivation. HumanObservation- A report by a known observer that an organism was present at the place and time. MachineObservation- A report by a monitoring device that an organism was present at the place and time. StillImage- An photograph, drawing, painting. MovingImage- A sequence of still images taken at regular intervals and intended to be played back as a moving image; may include sound. SoundRecording- An audio recording. OtherSpecimen- Any type of specimen not covered by any of the categories above.
Type: Property
Status: deprecated
Is replaced by:

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