Term Name: dwcore:ImageURL
Label: Image URL
Term IRI: http://rs.tdwg.org/dwc/dwcore/ImageURL
Term version IRI: http://rs.tdwg.org/dwc/dwcore/version/ImageURL-2007-04-17
Modified: 2009-04-24
Definition: A Universal Resource Locator reference to digital images associated with the specimen or observation.
Type: Property
Note: This term is no longer recommended for use.
Is replaced by: http://rs.tdwg.org/dwc/terms/associatedMedia

Metadata about this term are available in the following formats/serializations:

Description IRI
HTML file (this document) http://rs.tdwg.org/dwc/dwcore/ImageURL.htm
RDF/Turtle http://rs.tdwg.org/dwc/dwcore/ImageURL.ttl
RDF/XML http://rs.tdwg.org/dwc/dwcore/ImageURL.rdf
JSON-LD http://rs.tdwg.org/dwc/dwcore/ImageURL.json

For complete information about the set of terms that includes this one, see http://rs.tdwg.org/dwc/dwcore/