Metadata for the 2013-10-28 version of the term ac:digitizationDate
Term Name: ac:digitizationDate
Label: Date and Time Digitized
Term version IRI:
Version of:
Issued: 2013-10-28
Definition: Date the first digital version was created, if different from Original Date and Time found in the Temporal Coverage Vocabulary. The date and time must comply with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) datetime practice,, which requires that date and time representation correspond to ISO 8601:1998, but with year fields always comprising 4 digits. This makes datetime records compliant with 8601:2004, AC datetime values may also follow 8601:2004 for ranges by separating two IS0 8601 datetime fields by a solidus ("forward slash", '/'). See also the wikipedia IS0 8601 entry,, for further explanation and examples.
Type: Property
Status: superseded
Is replaced by:

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